Meck Organizing – What We Do

We’ve been helping people in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and beyond, for over a decade and we know that no one system works for every person, home, or business. From sprawling estates to tiny studio apartments, and corporate environments to home offices, we give the people and property our full attention and care, with our mission to provide the highest level of service with great efficiency and a great attitude. We provide an array of services including general decluttering/organizing, move management, house/estate management, renovation management, efficiency/productivity coaching, filing systems, tax paperwork prep, bill pay, executive assistant-like tasks such as correspondence, online research, shopping, errands, and more – whatever brings more joy to the everyday through organizing and just plain getting things done.

For task management and house management, we have organizing systems we employ to help folks get their to-do’s done. We book vendors, supervise appointments, run errands, help folks capture lingering items, and make doable plans to complete them and more.

For unpacking, organizing, and decluttering, we use “boat logic”, i.e. on boats, everything has a place and must return to that place after use or chaos may ensue when things really start to rock and roll. How we’ll do this:

-The first step will be identifying the function of the room and its different storage areas.

– What do you want to do in there or store in there? We’ll work with you to drill down what really needs to go where.

The next step is removing anything that doesn’t serve that function, and determining its fate. We’ll help you through the decision-making process and follow through as you request, including making arrangements for bulk trash or bulk donation pick up, shipping items to friends/family, taking smaller donations, taking things for consignment or helping you find a buyer, and making a list of items donated for tax write-off purposes.

The last step is reorganizing – maximizing use of space in the room so it suits your natural habits and aesthetic taste. We think strategically about this, ensuring that it is practical and that form and function are both served, and the space can be easily maintained going forward. We initially use whatever you already have, to serve as smart storage solutions. If additional products are needed to take it to the next level, we’ll discuss these and price them out and do the shopping for you if requested. Anything to help you get this done as quickly, economically, and effectively as possible!

Our available organizing packages do not expire and hours can be used in any arrangement requested, though normally we require a 3-hour minimum on-site to ensure there’s enough time for great progress (exceptions are made in case-by-case basis).

For off-site tasks, we track how long we spend on the work requested such as making calls and sending emails on the client’s behalf, doing online research, running errands, etc. and we bill only for that time.

What sets us apart from others is that we are fast, strategic, experienced, professional, licensed and insured, and can act as a delegate for the client, handling things as they’d want them handled when they don’t have the time or desire.

Nancy Meck

Owner, Meck Organizing