“Do You Help with Anything in Addition to Moves?”

Here are some of our client scenarios over the course of a week recently:

  • We assisted a busy wife and mother of two to handle a punch list from a 4.5-year house renovation. This entailed calling subcontractors to discuss issues and reach resolutions, creating a house management book for an at-a-glance reference to key info and the maintenance schedule, organizing all house manuals and all other paperwork for the family and home, the physical organizing of the basement, garage, playroom, closets, and all drawers, shelves…the works.
  • We worked with a teen boy with Autism and his mother to reach their goals for his room, including reducing the number of items, rearranging it so it looks and functions better, and engaging him in the process so he is happy with the space and can help maintain it.
  • We helped a touring musician evaluate and make changes to his studio and office to enhance its aesthetic and make it a more effective space for creating, recording, filming, and running the business end.
  • We worked with the head of a music management company in handling improvements and repairs to his home; including hiring, supervising and paying contractors, as well as organizing the physical space, opening mail, paying bills, creating a filing system for home and personal documents, researching insurance coverage to ensure adequacy, and collaborating with an interior designer on projects in the works.
  • We provided virtual consultation to professional photographer on how to maximize the use of space in the laundry room to allow it to more effectively provide dual storage for sports and rec equipment, overstocked house supplies, and other essentials.
  • We provided a virtual consultation to a productivity coach on how to manage with aftermath of her ceiling that caved in during a recent storm and provided options for safe and comfortable living while repairs are being done.
  • We provided a virtual consultation to a high-energy professional on effective and sleek task management systems so her follow-though on the to-do’s is at the level of her ability to do the physical organizing of items.
  • We helped several clients organize forms and supporting information for filing their taxes.
  • We worked with a young adult client to set him on path toward fulfilling a long-lasting career and hone life skills to maintain his preferred balance of work/personal life and maintain the order of his personal space.