Life Organizing

Meck Organizing represents personal organizers who specialize in life organization, from de-cluttering and organizing personal papers to providing a personal assistant, take a look at the life organizing services that we offer to the right.

We work with our clients to de-cluttering items they no longer wish to keep, and arranges for removal of large trash items and donations, sends items to a new owner, and more. We advise clients on where to place items they do wish to keep, with an emphasis on functionality, order, efficiency and the client’s personal taste.

As a professional organizer and personal shopper, we will also finish general “to do’s” that enhance the client’s organized life. We offer personal assistants to perform tasks such as running errands, returning phone calls, scheduling maintenance services, time management, juggling projects and priorities, preparatory organizing, and more.

Need help with sorting through financial information and paper clutter to establish college funds, develop budgets, pay bills, track income and expenses, complete forms, prepare tax returns, and file insurance claims? We can handle all of these tasks in addition to creating correspondence documents, forms and spreadsheets, completing a variety of written forms and applications, and writing ‘Thank You’ cards, newsletters, Web site content, marketing materials, operating manuals, special announcements, letters of inquiry and more.

Life Organizing Services

  • De-cluttering Personal Papers
  • Organizing Documents
  • Errands
  • Schedule Appointments
  • Sorting Photos
  • Cataloging Memorabilia
  • Donate or Discard?
  • Coordinate Donations
  • Paperwork
  • Research
  • Other Services

The Best Way To Get Something Done Is To Begin

There are a few sure-fire ways to make each day better: exercise, choose your attitude, learn something new, express gratitude, and smile. even small steps in each of these areas can change your life. things can always be worse.

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