Meck Organizing

Getting organized shouldn’t cause you stress. In fact, it should eliminate stress and improve your quality of life. We are here to take control of the situation, whether it be home, work or life-related.

Home, office and personal organizer Nancy Meck founded Meck Organizing in 2007 and has been servicing individuals and companies across the country ever since. From home de-clutter to project management, Meck Organizing and its well-qualified affiliates are committed to providing organizational solutions customized to meet your home, business and everyday needs.

Our goal is to identify the area of your home, office or everyday life that is the source of your stress or anxiety. Next, we implement a solution that leaves you with a greater sense of peace and order that you can maintain on your own. Organization is personal and individual. No two people have the same needs or style, and we work one-on-one with you to identify a system that will eliminate stress and be tailored to your lifestyle.

Let us reduce your stress and clutter, save you time and money, and improve your overall quality of life.

Are you wondering how long it will take to get your space organized? We did, too. So we looked over the data and found the following averages to help clients estimate investing their time and money:

Closet: 3-5 hours

Bedroom: 4-6 hours

Kitchen: 6-8 hours

Garage: 8-12 hours

Office: 6+ hours (varying depending on paperwork)

Basement or Attic: 12-20 hours

Time varies depending on size of the space, amount and types of items in that space, and how easy/difficult it is for clients to make decisions on what to keep and part with, and what to do from there (how to place, who to give to, where to sell, etc.).

The Best Way To Get Something Done Is To Begin