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Time. Money. Energy.

These are precious resources to be carefully invested in the people, places, and things we most care about. Meck Organizing helps clients save time, money, and energy by reducing how much is spent on what doesn’t serve them, leaving more available for what does. Our team of thoughtful, enthusiastic problem-solvers is committed to providing versatile organizational solutions customized to meet clients’ home, business, and everyday needs. Through professional planning, efficient execution, and a sense of style, we simplify our clients’ lives and improve their wellbeing. More joy. More productivity. More time, money, and energy available for the things you love and appreciate.and everyday needs.


Whether it’s an overflowing inbox, a habit of over-scheduling, an all too familiar feeling of being rushed or coming up short, a deep desire to get something done yet it still lingers on the to-do list, we can help .

Home Organizing

We take a focused, unbiased look at the home organizing challenges clients raise and help them put the puzzle together with innovative organizing solutions to get the most out of the existing space and existing resources.

Move Management

Clients save time, money and energy by being freed up to continue their lives as uninterrupted as possible despite their change in address. Less stress, less mess, and an accelerated way to making the new space feel like home.

Home & Office Paper Management

We understand there is no one-size-fits-all filing solution thus customizes the paper flow and storage system to suit the natural habits and preferences of the household and offices regularly working with it.


Move Management

Meck Organizing has the skills and experience to make your next move as stress-free as possible. We help you sort out which household items to keep, discard, and donate. Our efficient packing and unpacking strategies help families and businesses complete their moves as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

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Productivity Consultant

Meck Organizing takes a holistic approach to life organization. We listen, observe, and cultivate trusting relationships. Then we implement organizing plans customized to your needs and what you value most. We transform spaces so the people within can thrive. We are enthusiastic problem-solvers, always looking for new challenges.

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